13 Wonderful Staycation Ideas 

The great thing about a staycation is that the possibilities are endless! There’s so much you can do – and it ranges from jamming your schedule full of activities to doing absolutely nothing. 

There’s no right way to have a staycation; the important thing is that you enjoy it. 

Here are some ideas to help you have the best staycation ever!

Using a few vacation days to knock some of these things off of your to-do list is a great idea. You may not enjoy it while you’re doing it, but the end result will be worthwhile.

DIY House Project

Are you building a blog, YouTube channel, or another side business? You can get a ton done with just a few days off!

Build Your Empire

Many people’s main priority on a staycation is self-care. Work is stressful, and taking time off to care for yourself is paramount.


A staycation is a great opportunity to discover hidden gems right in your own backyard.

Explore Your Local Area

Wherever you live, I’m sure there is something interesting within a four-hour radius of you. Now is a perfect time to explore those places!

Take a Few Day Trips