The 14 Best Places to Buy Abstract Art

What is Abstract art?

Abstract art is a type of art that doesn't represent anything real, instead, it's meant to convey feelings with motion

Types of Abstract art

There’s geometric abstraction, where artists rely on shapes and objects to express emotion. There’s also action painting, which relies on lines and movement. 

Abstract art for sale

Abstract art is perfect for home and office décor. Here are great places to buy abstract art - both original pieces and prints!


If you want to support individual creators, Etsy is a great place to start. Millions of people put their original work and handmade items on Etsy every day. 


I like Artpal because you have the option to not only sell original paintings but to sell prints as well. It’s a cross between an online gallery and a print-on-demand platform. 

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is very similar to Artpal. Independent artists can upload their work to the platform without having to be curated. 


Artspace is an online gallery that curates the work of professional artists from around the world. They partner with galleries, publishers, and even museum.

Swipe up for more places to find abstract art for sale!

Swipe up for more places to find abstract art for sale!