14 Harsh Truths About Real estate Investing

Financial gurus  constantly bombard the financial independence space with the same advice: Real estate investing is the key to wealth. 

I tried investing in real estate. My experience doesn’t always match the outcomes we are bombarded with on Twitter. 

Here are 14 harsh truths you need to know before investing in real estate!


Not for the poor

The most significant limitation with real estate investing is the lie that anyone can do it. Homeownership is out of reach for millions of Americans. 


Secret Safety Nets

Many of the people extolling the virtues of real estate investing have help from parents or grandparents


Capital Matters

The old adage it takes money to make money is true. Access to cash for 20% down payments is just the beginning 


Not Passive

Without a property manager, you have to do everything yourself, from finding tenants, collecting rent, coordinating repairs, and, if needed, working through the eviction process 


Bills Don’t Stop Coming

No property has a 100% tenancy rate, meaning you will have months without renters if you’re a landlord. The bills don’t stop coming when you don’t have a tenant to help you pay them 

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