16 Great Alternatives to Amazon for Online Shopping

Do you use Amazon for most of your online shopping needs? 

Amazon is an e-commerce giant that offers ease of use and efficiency

But it's also renowned for treating it's employees poorly, so it's understandable to want to take your money elsewhere

Here are some alternatives to Amazon for all your shopping needs!

Amazon began as a bookseller, so it makes sense that the first alternative is an online bookstore


Bookshop donates a portion of it's proceeds to help small, independent bookstores say open!


Target is quickly becoming the go-to retailer for everyday essentials. You can find nearly everything you need at their online store


But other Brick & Mortar online shops, like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Best Buy are great options as well

Other Online Retailers

A bonus to Amazon Prime is the streaming service that is included. But Netflix and Hulu have just as many viewing options.