20 Creative

Ways to make Money

Get Paid for doing your favorite things!

Make Money doing whay you love

Turn Your Hobbies into creative side hustles!


Sell Your Art

Sell your work on a number of online galleries, Etsy, or even Instagram

#2 - Crafts

knit, sew, work wood, make pottery - you can use Etsy to sell anything you make!

 Make cool images and sell them on t-shirts with print on demand

Graphic Design

Number 3

#4 writing

Sell ebooks on Amazon or become a freelancer and write articles for publications

Number 5:


Play mobile apps or become a Twitch affiliate and turn your gaming habit into a profitable side hustle. 

#6 Shopping

Become a mystery shopper and get paid to go to your favorite stores!

Start A Blog

If you're interested in it, someone else probably is too. Why not start a blog and tell others about your hobby?


Make A Youtube

If your hobby is visually appealing, make a YouTube channel about it. Showcase how you get started and the final results


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