20 Free Games for Kids to Educate and Entertain

Games for Kids

Many free games for kids are available that can help children develop similar skills to those with paid activities.  

The Best Free Games for Kids

Isn’t it a parent’s dream to have their kids learning and having fun, all for free? You're in luck because here are some of the best free games for kids

Free Online Games

In the allowable time they have to play with devices, why not guide them to play free online games that are fun and educational as well? 


Sudoku puzzles are often free in the local newspaper or can be found online for kids.  


Many kids love trying on dad’s ties or mom’s heels and makeup. They love having a complete makeover because it feels like they are wearing a costume.  

Paper Games

Kids can make puzzles for friends to solve, such as playing hangman. Other games like Pictionary and the classic tic tac toe are also good fun.   

Swipe up for more free games for kids!

Swipe up for more free games for kids!