20 Housing Markets Most at Risk for Climate Change

As the effects of climate change grow increasingly prevalent, they become harder and harder to ignore, especially when making a significant investment like buying a house.  

The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) reported that rising sea levels will be a driving force in displacing populations globally.  

In fact, the NRDC estimates that between 4.2 and 13.1 million Americans could be forced to move due to climate change by the end of the twenty-first century

Here are the 20 housing markets in the US at highest risk due to climate change

Overall Climate Change Risk Level: 61.71 out of 100 – Flood risk: 55.82 out of 100 – Drought risk: 64.67 out of 100

Wilmington, DE

Overall Climate Change Risk Level: 61.94 out of 100 – Flood risk: 77.90 out of 100 – Drought risk: 45.31 out of 100

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Overall Climate Change Risk Level: 62.36 out of 100 – Flood risk: 46.95 out of 100 – Drought risk: 78.39 out of 100

Jersey City, NJ

Overall Climate Change Risk Level: 63.09 out of 100 – Flood risk: 30.73 out of 100 – Drought risk: 82.52 out of 100

Downey, CA

Overall Climate Change Risk Level: 64.75 out of 100 – Flood risk: 28.88 out of 100 – Drought risk: 72.79 out of 100

Chicago, IL

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