20+ Ways to Get free Books Online!

Are You A Bookworm?

Do you love reading? The magic of being transported to a fictional world? Or the pleasure of learning something new from non fiction?

Books are Expensive

Then you probably realized that your reading habit is expensive! New books cost a lot of money!

Free Books Online

Which is why we put together an epic list of places where you can get free books online! Here are over 20 places where you can get books for free! -------------->


public library systems use Overdrive for their ebook collections.  You can download free books from your library system 

Project Gutenberg  

Project Gutenberg is a digital library that uploads free public domain ebooks to make them available to the public 


is a website that allows you to download five free ebooks a month. That is an easy way to download and read free ebooks. 


There are many free ebooks available for download in various formats. Not all books are free, but they do have a lot of free options to look through 

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