20 Ways to Push The Reset Button and Embrace Lifestyle Deflation Without Deprivation

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are currently rethinking their finances? 

If you want to reset and reevaluate not only your money but what your life will be after the pandemic, there are ways to bring it all into balance without feeling deprived. 

If you spread yourself too thin socially, you won’t have enough time for the most important people in your life.

1. Enough Relationship

With so many Americans struggling financially, it’s hard to pause and think about what enough money would mean to you.

2. Enough Money

If you like variety and often buy new things, but want to live a minimalist lifestyle, borrow things instead of buying them.

3. Enough Novelty

You can still cut back the amount of money and time you’re spending without feeling deprived.

4. Enough Experience

Many people strive to be revered. Do you want to be seen as an expert? Looked up to? Asked for your advice? Ask yourself what enough of each of these looks like for you as accomplishing them takes time.

5. Enough Fame, Prestige, or Power