22 Creative Hobbies That You Need to Try!

From painting to upcycling, crafting to playing music, there are loads of creative outlets for you to dabble in!  

Trying a new hobby is a great way to help you discover your passions and explore your creativity. 

There are so many ways you can embrace painting as a creative hobby. You could use painting as a form of complete and total expression


Everyone has a phone nowadays, and with apps like Instagram, it may seem like photos are a dime a dozen. While that’s true, photography as an art form is still rare.


Digital art is the modern way of expressing yourself through painting. Digital art allows you to create masterpieces with the power of technology.

Digital Art

Writing is a great way to express your creativity with pen and paper.


Acting is an incredible way to explore your creativity in an exaggerated and outgoing way. It’s an explosion of energy from you to the audience.