23 Types of Witches: There's No Wrong Way To Practice the Craft

Witches are real, and they walk among us 

Fear not, though. The historical stigma against witches betrays the craft 

Real witches are everyday women who use the natural world, elements, astrology, and their own inner power to nurture, heal, and fill the world with love. 

Here are 23 different types of witches showcasing that there's not wrong way to dabble in witchcraft

Green witches (sometimes called hedge witches or garden witches) love plants, herbs, and growing things.

Green Witch

Kitchen witches typically cook their spells. Although some may create potions and elixirs, others work with everyday foods like bread, soups, and stews.  

Kitchen Witch

Many witches prefer to work their art on their own. Witches who practice without a coven are known as solitary witches.

Solitary Witch

When people think of modern witches, they typically think of the Wiccan religion. Although some witches identify as Wiccan, not all do.


Ancestral witches call upon the energies of their ancestors to refine their crafts.

Ancestral Witch