25 Art Hobbies to Expand Your Creative Mind

Art Hobbies

There are hundreds of ways to express yourself through art. Art hobbies allow us to convey our thoughts through imagery, song, and the written word. 

Top Art Hobbies

Here are the most popular art hobbies to explore, along with a few unique artistic hobbies you might not have considered!


Fine art painting is the epitome of artistic expression.  


Traditional watercolors require the perfect mix of water and pigment to prevent running 


It’s easy to start and doesn’t require any cleanup. It’s also low-cost for those looking to explore their creativity on a budget.


Kitbashing is a newer hobby where you combine the best parts of different toy kits to create your own figures. 


Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing a broken item with gold to highlight and embrace the flaws.  

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Swipe up for more artistic hobbies