25 Literary Devices To Strengthen Your Writing

What is a Literary Device?

Literary devices are techniques that authors can use to help tell their stories  

Literary Device Example

A simple example of a literary device is a simile. Similes are short comparisons to help a reader visualize something. 

Literary Devices to Enhance Your Writing

Here are 25 literary devices you can use to strengthen your writing and tell an epic story!


Foreshadowing is a clue in the rising action of a story that tells readers what will happen without giving it away.  

Plot Twist

A plot twist is an unexpected event that changes the course of a story. 

Red Herring

A red herring is a technique explicitly devised to make readers think one thing while something else is happening. 


A literary technique common in poetry and prose that uses similar sounds to create rhythm in the spoken word. 

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Swipe up for more Literary Devices!