27 Ways To Get Paid To Travel the World

Traveling is something that many of us would like to do, and getting paid while traveling is a dream come true.  

The combination of working and traveling is the best of both worlds. Here are 27 jobs that will let you do it!

The great thing about being a freelance writer is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. This job allows you the freedom to pick any location you would like to live in.


As a travel photographer, you can sell these photos from various sites. You can also get hired as a contractor to take photos of particular locations.


Being a flight attendant can have some negatives as in you are taking care of people’s needs, working long hours, but if you want the thrill of seeing new places from the sky, then this could be the job for you.

Flight Attendent

as you live as an expat, you can travel around the country where you teach English. You will have opportunities to visit other countries as well

Teach English Abroad

Working on a cruise ship gives you opportunities to visit many different countries around the world. As the cruise goes from destination to destination, you can visit these other places.

Work on A Cruise Ship