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Find out why you need to visit Germany's Oldest City!


Trier is the site of an ancient Roman encampment

It dates back to 30 BC and was the western edge of the Roman Empire!

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Must See Places!




Roman Ruins

Porta Nigra


Visiting the bathhouse ruins and amphitheater is a spectacular reason to visit the city!

But there's far more to Trier than Roman Ruins!

Porta Nigra

The black gate was the original entrance to the Roman encampment

It was heavily reinforced, and the structure actually formed two gates which formed a trap against invaders. 


But the best reason to visit Trier is the food. Although not on a list of typical foodie cities, there is one restaurant here that is soo good.....

I paid over $1000 to visit the city again just to eat there!

Kartoffel Kiste. loosely translated as 'The Potato Sack" is one of the best restaurants I've ever experienced

These potato balls filled with meat and smothered with cheese are a culinary masterpiece

I'd visit again just to eat these wonderous delicacies again!

Even without the food, Trier is a wonderful city to visit. Swipe up to learn more about it!