30 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads that Will Inspire You

Bullet journals are excellent tools for keeping you organized and improving your productivity. 

The great thing about bullet journals is that they can be whatever you want to be – but that can also make it hard to get started.  That's where spreads can help!

Here are some amazing bullet journal weekly spread ideas that will help you get started and build your perfect bullet journal!

these weekly spreads are simple and to the point, only including the essential information, like a calendar or a task list.

Minimalist Spreads

This simple spread lays out the days of the week like you would find in a planner. You have space to fill in your important tasks and goals for each day of the week

Planner Spreads

This type of spread will help you keep track of anything that you deem important, from sleep to food to work hours.

The Tracking Spread

This bullet journal weekly spread has the planner like most of the others but also includes space for you to write down your top priorities and tasks for the week.

The To-Do-List Spread

This is an excellent spread for you if you want to keep your weekly journal entries organized with your weekly schedule.

The Weekly Review Spread