32 Easy Things to Draw When You're Bored

There are many proven benefits to drawing, even for those who aren't artists (or who aren't very good at drawing!). Drawing or doodling can help with concentration and help you stay focused  

 Drawing or doodling can help you improve your concentration and help you stay focused. It can also alleviate boredom and help you improve your artistic skills. 

 Whether you are trying to pay attention in a board meeting or waiting for a bus, here are fun things to draw when you’re bored. 

Yes, literal doodles! Draw lines and squiggles across the page for fun and creative designs.

Literal Doodles 

It’s always fun to draw your name in different lettering styles!


Whether in a square, circle, or labyrinth, it’s always fun to move your pencil around and try to find a way out.


Draw a box. Then draw random lines, both rounded and straight, within the box. You’ll end up with an amazing square with fun shapes inside.

Stained Glass Windows 

Draw a simple cat with it's ears and whiskers like in this gif, or get more complicated and try to draw a profile view of a cat.