34 of the Best Places to Visit in the US

The US is a vast country filled with amazing cities and sites.  There's a huge variety of experiences available to travelers

There are cities flowing with culture, breathtaking natural wonders,  historical landmarks, beaches, nightlife, and everything else that makes for an epic travel experience

There's something for everyone!   Here are the best places to visit in the US - based on what you like to do!

The grand canyon is typically rated the top destination in the US. It boasts epic views, amazing hiking, and tons of fun things for adventure seekers to do

 The Grand Canyon

Chicago is one of the three cities in the US that has it all - culture, arts, history, food and anything else you want to see! It also has some of the best food in the country.


If you want culture, head to Seattle! The birthplace of grunge and Starbucks, this city features a museum of pop culture and a gritty gum wall!


Those interested in landmarks need to head to Western South Dakota to visit Mt. Rushmore. This epic rock sculpture of four presidents is sure to please!

Mt. Rushmore  

The United States is well known for it's vast network of National Parks. One of the best is Zion located in Utah. With amazing views, epic hiking, and gorgeous scenery, this park is sure to please anyone looking for an outdoor adventure.

Zion National Park

Looking for theme parks and thrills? Look no further than the theme park capital of the world, Orlando. With multiple Disney and Universal theme parks, this city is sure to please

Orlando FL