4 Great reason For Brain Dumping

What is a brain Dump?

Brain dumping is the act of transferring everting from your head to someplace else, like a journal or an app. 

Benefits of Brain Dumps

Here are four amazing benefits of brain dumping, and why you should give it a try! ------------------------------------->

1. Untangle Your Mind

have you ever had so much going on that your brain is in tangles trying to remember it all? Brain Dumping helps with that

2. Stess Relief

Getting your thoughts and to do lists out on paper can help reduce stress

3. Improve focus

A clear mind will help you focus on the things that are most important

4. Increase Productivity

When you are free from stress and focused, you can be more productive. Now you can get done what needs to get done!

What do I need to do a Brain Dump?

All you really need to brain dump is a pen and paper. I prefer a nice journal and colored pens, and some prefer to use an app. 

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