Are you a Twitch Streamer Trying to Reach Affiliate?

Here's how to do it!


Here's how to get viewers!


Twitch Viewers are Important

To reach affiliate, you need an average of 3 viewers. To reach partner, you need 75!

This is why it's important to use any method available to gain more viewers! Here are some great options -------->

1. Join a Support Discord

Streamer support communities are all over Discord - use them to meet other streamers

2. Check your Tech

Make sure your audio sounds good, your camera is working, and your stream isn't dropping frames.

3. Networking off Twitch is key. Get on social media, build a following and community off twitch as well as on it. 

Party Games!

tip 4:

Play party games with your viewers. This gets them actively involved in the stream

5. have fun channel rewards, like songs, dances, workouts, and showing pets. These things keep your viewers engaged

Tournament Play

Tip #6

if there are tournaments for your game of choice - join them! This will help you network with other players and reach new audiences

7. Create your own Discord so your fans have a place to interact with you

8. Stay true to yourself. Viewers will notice if you try to be something you're not. 

9. Network On Twitch

Check out other small streamers, be active in their chat, engage with them and their audience, and build true connections. 


Tip #10

Have fun and talk with your chat regardless of how many people are there. Put on a great show

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Here's how to do it!


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