48 Inspiring Bullet Journal Ideas You Need to Try Today

A bullet journal is a wonderful productivity tool. It can help you track progress on goals, stay organized, remember important dates, and plan your meals for the week.  

Starting a bullet journal can be overwhelming. There are so many different spreads to choose from that it’s hard to decide which you should use! 

We’ve compiled an epic list of bullet journal ideas meant to inspire you. Get creative and get more done with these amazing options.  

Daily Spreads may have space for appointments, events, to-do lists, and more.

Daily Spreads

A bullet journal weekly spread has all the days of the week listed with important events for each day.  They can be used for planners, trackers, and more.

Weekly Spreads

You can use your journal to track your workouts, eating habits, sleeping habits, reading, and any other habit you’d like to develop. 

Habit trackers

You can use it to organize every aspect of your life, from cleaning activities to decluttering, home improvement projects to day to day tasks. 

Organize Your Life with a Bullet Journal

You can use your bullet journal for a wide variety of tasks related to health and wellness: meal planning, calorie tracking, food journal, and more

Health and Wellness Bullet Journals