5 Great Ways to Make More Money with Less Work

For many, work-life can mean long, draining hours and little time to relax.  

What if there were strategies people could implement to work less and still make money?  

Here are five steps to help you make more money and work smarter, not harder. 

Don’t miss out on opportunities to earn rewards for buying the things you need, or to earn money through investing

1. Passive Income

Reduce commute times, stop wasting time on social media, and set boundaries to avoid distractions while you are working.

2. Stop Wasting Time

Batching refers to grouping tasks together and working on completing those tasks before moving on to the next

3. Batching

Outsource small administrative or menial tasks which take up valuable time you could use to work on bigger and better things.


You can also outsource home maintenance tasks such as yard work, cleaning, pet walking, and more.