5 Healthy Ways to Handle Stress

Stress is all around us and comes in many forms

There's good stress that's associated with new ventures, and bad stress that comes from toxicity and events outside our control

Regardless of what is causing stress, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with it

Unhealthy Methods of dealing with stress

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Binge Eating

Angry Outbursts


A lot of us handle stress in unhealthy ways, but there are other options Here are some healthy ways to handle stress

Make an effort to eat well

Stress eating is the worst. It doesn't actually help, and it hurts your body. If you need to munch, opt for fruits and veggies



Working out is a great way to get rid of excessive energy. It also releases feel good endorphins! 

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Life is stressful, but you don't have to let the stress wear you down.