5 Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

One important aspect of starting a new position is negotiating the salary. Sometimes, we are so excited to be offered a job, that we will say yes to any salary offer we are given. 

Gary with Financial Fives has some great insight on why you should negotiate your salary, and how to go into negotiations prepared. 

Timing is Important You have the most leverage to negotiate a higher salary in the time between when an offer is made and accepted. 

You need to know what others are getting paid in this position with relevant experience and qualifications. Ask around, check online at sites such as  salary.com, and know the range.

Know What You’re Worth

Try to know the hiring timelines of the companies with whom you are interviewing ahead of schedule so when your prospective employer makes an offer, the others make them around the same time. 

Prepare a Counteroffer

Even though you meet the job qualifications, point out what you have done in previous roles that set you apart.

Set Yourself Apart

No one wants to hear an entitled person list why they deserve more money, but when you position it in such a way that you will make the company money or reduce expenses, well, now, you’ve got their attention.

Show Them how You will Add to Their Bottom Line