5 Ways Having Pets Holds You Back

I love animals. I have a bunch of furry critters living with me, four cats and two dogs (Yeah, I know it’s a bit insane).

But unfortunately, after adopting all my darlings, I realized that pets hold you back in a number of ways.

I do love having my full menagerie, but I would be remiss if I wasn't honest about how they hold me back.

How Pets Hold You Back

So just the basics of pet ownership put me back $160 per month. That’s nearly two grand a year  that I could be saving for my future goals!

The Basic Cost

The plans cost about $55 a month though, and with six babies that really adds up – to $330 per month to be exact.

Vet Care

I spent over four thousand dollars in one year alone on my favorite cat’s vet bills after he had an accident.


Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a rental that accepts one baby – much less six? It’s nearly impossible!