53 Ways to Embrace Frugal Living Starting Today!

Why Embrace Frugal living?

Frugality is the simplest, quickest way to improve your finances, and its a powerful tool!

How to Embrace Frugal Living

Get started by gathering ideas and putting your thoughts together. You're here so that's step one! Here are 53 ideas you can implement to embrace frugal living today!

Shop Around

Get two to three new quotes on your recurring expenses. Switching to a competitor or taking advantage of promotions could save you hundreds. 

Leverage Rewards

If you're good with credit, leverage your rewards cards to get cash back and save money on trips, gas, and everyday essentials. 

Skip Extended Warranties

Companies sell extended warranties for nearly anything, and for the most part, they are a waste of money. 

House Hack

Rent your extra room out, or downsize your current living space. We often buy more house than we need, so why not use that space to make extra money?

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