Six Components to a Successful Still-Life

Designing a Still-Life Composition Can Be Infinitely Complex

Most People Tend to Start with the Subject

But No Matter Which Physical Object(s) You Choose, You'll Still Only Be Painting The Same Subject...

The Miraculous Beauty of Reflected Light Describing Form and Color

There IS No Spoon

As far as light is concerned, at least, there are only the reflected wavelengths and quantities of photons, arranged into what we all recognize as a spoon.

The Human Ability to Observe and Record the Specific Patterns of Light and Shadow Before Us Is What Makes Learning to Paint So Maddeningly Interesting

What's Most Curious About This Process, Is Our Tendency to Gather These Keen Observations Together and Twist Them...

Into  Something

That Reminds Us

Of  Ourselves

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And Don't Forget That YOU Are the Key Component To Your Successful Still-Life