6 Keys to Building a Profitable Blog

Is there still money in blogging?

Yes it's still possible to make money with a blog. However, it's not as easy as building it - a lot goes into making it profitable

How Much Money Can You Make?

Some bloggers can pull 6 figures and higher with their blog. Since it's your own business, there's no limit to what you can make

How to Make Money blogging

Making money with a blog is not easy. Here are 6 keys to remember if you want to build a profitable blog!


Step one is getting traffic to your blog. You can't make any money if no one visits your blog. 

SEO & Socials

Learning search engine optimization and social media platforms like Pinterest will help you build traffic. 

Build a Community

Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build a community around your brand. Your followers on these platforms may turn into loyal customers


You need to build your email list as soon as possible. Email subscribers are loyal customers, and you don't have to worry about algorithm changes

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