60 Great Retirement Gifts for Women

Buying retirement gifts for the woman who has been your friend, co-worker, colleague, or perhaps even your mentor should match their interests and your relationship with them. 

You don’t need to break the bank. You want to match their interests or personality when considering a gift. 

Here are the best retirement gift ideas for women who have impacted your career

Consider something like a spa certificate, a mani-pedi appointment, or a pampering care package

Indulging Gifts for your Friend or Coworker

Many people retire early so they can travel the world. If this fits your coworker, get them something to help with their journey, like a travel journal or camera

Retiring to Travel?

A great retirement gift for women is a subscription to something she wouldn't get for herself. Grab her a subscription to a wine club or her favorite company's goodie box

Subscription Boxes

If your retiring friend is into wellness, get her a membership to a yoga studio or books on meditation

Gifts for Wellbeing

Retirement is a great time to catch up on reading. If you're coworker is a homebody who loves books, consider getting something in her favorite genre as a gift.

Book Lovers