7 Reasons You May Not Feel Like Yourself and How To Fix It

This Doesn’t Feel Like Me

Many of us have experienced times where we don’t feel like ourselves   


Sometimes it’s social roles we’ve been thrust into, jobs we don’t necessarily enjoy, or a lifestyle that doesn’t suit us. 

Causes and Solutions

Here are 7 reasons why you may not feel like yourself - and ways to fix it!

Job Woes

If you’re stuck in a role that doesn’t suit you, you may feel tired, overwhelmed, and unenergized. 

How to Feel Better

If your work is unstimulating, ask for additional projects that better align with your goals.  You may also need a career change

Social Roles Have You Trapped

Conforming to society’s roles is a top reason why many people don’t feel like themselves.  

Work Out the Feelings

Many people find that working through these feelings with a therapist is helpful. Others find that discussing the unfair division of labor with their partners helps 

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