7 Ways to Avoid Impulsive and Compulsive Spending

Do you often spend more than you’d like? Here’s everything you need to know about impulsive vs. compulsive spending.

An unplanned expense can be classified as impulsive spending, while compulsive spending often has a deeper psychological cause.

If you spend hours browsing shopping sites or buy stuff that you know you want and do not need, chances are, you’re an impulsive spender.

What is Impulsive Spending?

You’ve probably wondered why you do this. Impulsive spending happens for many different reasons. Some are entirely harmless, and others can be more serious.

Causes of Impulsive Spending

Emotions and money are closely linked. When you’re bored or have not had a great day, it can be easy to walk into the store and do some retail therapy.

We Experience Emotions

We Love Material Stuff

Human beings are generally pleasure-seekers; we love instant gratification and material stuff. We dream about money and the things money can buy.

We Love Deals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? If you can get a discount, why would you pay full price? Or why would you pay to ship when you can get shipping for free?