7 Ways to Save Money on Living Expenses

Life is expensive. It costs about $45000 per year on average, and this is just for basic necessities

There are ways to save money on living expenses to cut that down.  Here are realistic tips to help you save money on basic living expenses!

Heating in the winter is one of many family's most expensive bills. Cut your heating bill by insulating windows, using a space heater, or wearing more layers

Save Money on Utilities

Cut other utility bills by keeping lights off, using energy efficient appliances, unplugging things you aren't using, and ditching cable.

Save on Utilities

If you have extra rooms, rent them out or downsize. You can also try to negotiate your rent payments or refinance your mortgage

House Hacking

Food costs are constantly rising. Save money by cooking at home, choosing generic options, and skipping unhealthy things like soda and chips

Save on Food

It's not reasonable to expect people to cook at home for every meal all the time. It's okay to have a break every now and again! Save money while eating out by skipping drinks and appetizers.

Save on Eating Out