8 Creative Painting Surfaces for Art Project

Painting is an amazing hobby. It’s a relaxing yet still a way to harness your creative energy into something productive.    

Let’s dive into the best painting surfaces – from the traditional to the obscure, you will find something interesting to paint on!  

Canvas is the go-to painting surface for most artists.


Hardboard is a medium-density fiberboard that you can get from hardware stores.


You want your project to last, and though prepping the surface is really more important for those intending to use oil paints.

Preparing Hardboard for Painting or Mixed Media

My favorite alternative surface has always been doors. It’s a little ridiculous, but I’ve always found doors to be so bland, generally.

There Are Doors, and Then There Are Door

Glass needs a little preparation to paint on, and even though it might seem a bit fragile for a painting surface.

From the Windows to the Wall