Self Care Sunday

Make Time for yourself

Make time to refill yourself


You can't pour from an empty cup

Here are some great self care ideas

Go for a Walk

Get out of the house and clear your head for a few minutes. If there's a park nearby, stroll through the park and commune with the trees. A tiny bit of exercise and fresh air can do you wonders

Try Deep Breathing

Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply is a great way to ground yourself, especially when you don't have time for anything else 

Loosen up your muscles and give yourself an energy boost!



Journaling is my favorite self-care activity. It can help you understand your emotions, work through trauma, and even just clear your head.

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Pamper Yourself

Gove yourself a home made spa treatment! Pamper your face with your favorite wash and moisturizer.

Work Out 

Working out releases endorphins that can give you a huge boost. It will also make you happier and healthier over time

Take a Bath

Taking a bath is the quintessential self care activity!


Coloring helps you tune out the world and gives your brain the opportunity to rest

More Ideas For Self Care!

For more ideas on how to practice self care this Sunday, swipe up! Have a wonderful day full of bliss!

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