8 Ways Prague is like a Renaissance Faire

I love Prague, and I love the Renaissance Faire, so it didn’t take me long to notice that Old Town Prague is like a Renaissance Faire.  

During my short stay there, I spotted 8 ways that this gorgeous eastern European city is like a Renaissance Faire.   

A blacksmith has set up shop right in the middle of Old Town Square. Like at a Renaissance Faire, he is forging his wares in front of a captive audience.

A Blacksmith Displaying His Work 

They are little wooden stands build in Old-Town square that resemble a medieval market.

Trinket shops set up in Old Town Square 

I could definitely hear the soft sounds of a harp and flute playing soothing melodies in the background. I don’t know what to call the type of music, but it was very similar to the sounds I would hear at a Renaissance Faire.

Medieval-style Music Playing on Speakers in the Town Square 

A Renaissance Faire generally has numerous stages set up for the different shows and events that are going on, and Old Towne Square only had one, but the general idea was the same

A Stage for Live Performances 

I would say the street food available in Prague is of much better quality than what you get at a renaissance fair.

Street Food and Street Drinks