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"Time? Time is what turns kittens into cats!"

White Lightning
White Lightning

Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer's cheesiest villain knows how important time is!

But we all waste so much time every day. Here are some of the biggest time wasting culprits --------------------------------------------->

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Orange Lightning

How much time are you wasting mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

Social Media

The Biggest time wasters

Is there something else you could be doing with your time that you would enjoy more?

White Lightning

Watching television is mindless entertainment.

I get it, we all need to veg out sometimes. But the average American spends 4 hours per day vegging out. Set a limit for yourself so you don't waste your life in front of the tube

White Lightning
White Lightning

Dealing with people you don't want to deal with is actually a huge time suck

Orange Lightning

We have to be polite at work, but if the office gossip comes by to waste a few hours of your time, feel free to tell them you are busy

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