9 Free Zoom Backgrounds to Spice Up Your Life


Zoom is one of the most popular virtual meeting hosts and has probably become your new workspace and where you spend the majority of your days. 

Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom offers the ability to change your background so that people can't see your home. Zoom can get pretty dull quickly if you don’t change your scenery every once in a while. 

Free Zoom Backgrounds

Here's a list of free travel Zoom backgrounds so that you can use your greenscreen and add some flavor to your virtual workspace. 

New York City

The city skyline and shots of the skyscrapers are both beautiful shots that you can use as your Zoom background. 

Walt Disney World

From the Cinderella Castle to the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom to The Purple Wall, there are plenty of locations at Disney World that are picture and Zoom background worthy. 

Great Barrier Reef

There are plenty of beautiful pictures of the great barrier reef that will let you experience the wonders of this oceanic system without actually having to visit 

Grand Canyon

With layers of red rock revealing millennia of history and incredible views, the Grand Canyon is especially popular right at sunrise or sunset when the rays of light skim across the canyon. 

Swipe up for more free zoom backgrounds!

Swipe up for more free zoom backgrounds!