A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Discord Bot

Discord bots are amazing. They are automated scripts that do a variety of things around your Discord server. They can help you moderate the server, keep track of important numbers, and even add a bit of fun or flair to your server. 

The problem is that there are so many Discord bots out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones you need for your server.  

MEE6 is the go-to Discord bot for moderation. It can automatically detect swear words, spam, or other trigger words that you can set up. In addition, it has a plethora of commands for helping you moderate your discord server.


YAGPDB stands for “yet another general-purpose discord bot.” And it delivers on its name. It offers similar moderation to MEE6, but it’s not as “out of the box” ready as MEE6 is.


Nightbot is usually the first bot streamers turn to for help with Discord, and that’s mostly because it’s free.


Carlbot is another basic moderation discord bot. It’s not quite as good as MEE6 when it comes to moderation and ease of use, but it does offer one really great perk: automated roles.