A Thing Worth Doing

Anything Worth Doing is worth Doing Poorly

Do it right the first time, it's worth taking your time over and getting right, anything worth doing is worth putting effort in....

I thought anything worth doing was worth doing well!

Blah  Blah  Blah!

You aren't going to be good at anything when you first start doing it! 

The truth is:

So Just start! Write that first chapter. Throw paint on canvas. Take that job interview


It doesn't have to be perfect or even great

its more important to do something and have it be just Okay than to never do it

So do it. Do it poorly at first. Learn and grow and get a little bit better each time

Perfection is the enemy of progress. It slows us down and makes us doubt ourselves. Things don't have to be perfect

Perfection is an Enemy

My first blog posts suck. So do my first Youtube Videos

But that's okay!

Because I get Better with Each one

And you will to!

So Start. Do it Poorly. Learn and Grow


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