Abstract Art for Beginners

There’s something so raw and primal in abstract art.  It’s like peering directly into the mind and soul of the artist and exploring the mess of humanity that can be found inside 

Abstract art is powerful, emotional, and awe-inspiring.  It uses shape, color, and movement to convey feelings and emotions 

Here are some famous abstract artists and why their work was important

Pollack's drip paintings are almost synonymous with abstract art. His style was unique at the time, and his creations were messy and unpredictable

Jackson Pollack

Rothko painted a series of bold shapes on bold backgrounds. He was the first to explore the interactions between shape and color in such a way

Mark Rothko

Though not generally associated with abstract, Picasso's cubism was a precursor to the movement.

Pablo Picasso

My favorite thing about abstract art is the complete lack of rules. The idea of this style of art being beyond the rules is what makes it so appealing to me.

Rules in Abstract Art