Twitch is one of the top sites for live streaming

But, it's owned by Amazon, and everyone loves to hate Amazon. 

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It's also becoming problematic, especially with the hate raids and Twitch's not so great response

Twitch Alternatives

Here are some great alternatives to Twitch for those who want to use a different platform

Facebook Gaming

Since Facebook acquired Mixer, it's the top competitor to twitch

Facebook Gaming

But monetizing with Facebook is hard. You need over 10 thousand page likes to even start!

New to the streaming game, allows streamers to broadcast their favorite games

There are no requirements for monetization, but you can only make money by selling digital products is a streaming platform for nearly everything you can think of - so if you're not a gamer this might be the place for you

Unfortunately there isn't a way to monetize your Vaughn stream, so this platform is best for those looking to build community

More Streaming Platforms

YouTube gaming


Trovo Live

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