Art Journal Supplies

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What's an Art Journal?

An art journal is a creative diary for artists with many uses. These versatile journals can help artists plan their next masterpiece or engage in their creativity on the go.

Making vs. Buying

To determine what supplies you need for your art journal, you first need to determine whether you will make your own or buy one. 

Art Journal Supplies

Whichever you choose, here are the supplies you need for the best art journal!

Material For Your Cover

You can opt to purchase a leather journal cover, which may make the process easier, or you can make your cover out of either cardboard or plywood and cloth.

Art Journal Paper

Paper seems easy enough, but there are hundreds of varieties. The right type of paper depends highly on your intended use. 

Decorating Your Art Journal

Drawings, glitter, seashells, stickers - the sky is the limit when decorating your art journal 

Art Journal Supplies

The supplies you need for art journaling depend upon how you will use it

Art Journal Supplies

You may need paints, mediums, pencils, graphite, glue, or a various other items

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