Attempting a No Spend Year Challenge

The main point of a no spend year is to stay away from unnecessary spending all year. This can help you achieve your financial goals 

It's obviously impossible to go an entire year without spending any money. We need to eat, live somewhere, drive to work, have a little fun, etc. The important thing is to decide now what that fun will be and to not deviate from it. 

Here are some things to consider before embarking upon your own no spend year challenge!

Bills are what we consider mandatory spending. You have to pay them to live. Determine what your current bills are and see if you can make cuts anywhere.


If you live far away from loved ones, you may want to plan for a trip to see them over the course of a year. If you're planning a no spend year, it's best to work these visits into the plan early on.


No spend months generally mean no eating out. But that's hard for an entire year. Give yourself some grace and plan for one or two meals out every now and again.

Eating Out

The problem with life is that most fun things are expensive. Although there is plenty of free fun to have, most things cost money. Make sure you aren't completely limiting yourself over the course of the year so you enjoy your life a bit!