Avoid Housing Costs with these 12 Cheap Living Alternatives

Housing is expensive

With high real estate prices, some families may feel purchasing a house is out of reach. 

Alternatives to Traditional Homes

As many people are struggling to afford rent or to save for a down payment on a mortgage, they are turning to cheap living alternatives. 

Cheap Living Alternatives

Here are 12 alternatives to a house that people are turning to - keep in mind the legality of these options may vary in each state!

Live in Property Manager

It’s not uncommon for landlords to hire property managers to look after their properties and manage the tenants. Some live on site for free

Van Life

The van life movement has exploded on Instagram with over 9 million mentions. This lifestyle has attracted those who enjoy the outdoors and only need a place to sleep.  

Live in Flip

These rundown houses will easily deter first-time homebuyers who want a turnkey property. This opportunity can allow you to save money in the thousands of dollars for the purchase. 

House Boat

If you’re a fan of water, living in a boat is an alternative way to get your feet wet with cheap living. The limited space also forces you to cut back on living expenses. 

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Swipe up for more Cheap housing alternatives!