Awe-Inspiring Libraries Around the World

Libraries are Majestic

You don’t have to be a book lover (although it does help) to fall head-over-heels for these gorgeous libraries.

Amazing Designs

From Gothic churches to modern marvels, these buildings are as awe-inspiring as the books inside of them. Keep clicking to see some out-of-this-world, jaw-dropping places to get some new reads! 

Library of Parliment

It’s the last remaining part of parliament’s original Centre Block building and is home to about 47,000 volumes. (Ottawa, Canada)

Seattle Central Library

The library can hold about 1.45 million volumes and was designed to be able to house not only books, but community activities and events. 

Abbey Library of Saint Gallen

It has about 170,000 books, with over 400 that are over a thousand years old. (Saint Gallen, Switzerland)

Stuttgart City Library

The library was updated in 2011 to be 9 stories high with cubed-shaped sections of books with ultra-modern, ultra-minimalist white walls. 

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