Awesome Ideas Society Hates for Some Reason

Cultures can be weird. Sometimes we celebrate toxicity while scorning things that would be beneficial.  

Sometimes we need to take a step back and wonder why we group-think some actions and ideas into the “wrong” column when they don’t belong there! 

Here are some the top things that would actually be really great - if we could convince the rest of society!

We tremble at the idea of not knowing something. Why does our culture make it seem like we need to know everything about everything?

Not Knowing

Society berates those who make mistakes. One wrong tweet can derail a career, while a small mistake at work can cost your job.

Making Mistake

No two people are the same. Everyone comes at problems with different perspectives, and that’s okay. 


Society scoffs at those who do things on their own.


People SHOULD change their minds when presented with new information

Changing Your Mind