Awful Things Boomer Parents Did To Their Children

Kids Limited Views

We take our parent’s actions and advice at face value, believing it’s normal stuff that everyone does.  

Actually Toxic

Sometimes we don’t realize how toxic, weird, and messed up our parent’s behaviors were until we grow up 

Awful Things parents Did

Here are some of the worst things boomer parents did to their Millenial and Gen X kids that we all thought was normal.  

Grandma’s Medicine

Far too many of our beloved grandmothers were getting through life with the help of pharmacies  

Emotional Reactivity

Did you have to tiptoe around your parent's emotional outbursts? Yep, us too. 

Insulting Kids

Some parents treat their children with cruelty and disdain, insulting them and calling them horrible names.  


Some parents have children then straight up ignore them. 

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