Exploring the Culture of Fandom through a Supernatural Convention

I got an amazing peek into the culture of fandom when I went to a Supernatural Convention in Nashville, TN.   

Going to the Supernatural Convention gave me the opportunity to experience the American culture of Fandom. 

I love the television show Supernatural. The characters are loveable and relatable, the stories are engaging, and it has just the right mix of action and humor.

The Convention

The Supernatural Convention had many wonderful aspects. The fans got the opportunity to hear the stars of the show speak and to ask them questions.

The Good 

The opportunity to listen to the stars of the show speak gave me a greater appreciation for the show and the culture of fandom.

The Stars  

I think they could have more events going on in the main room, so that the fans who can’t afford the extras have more to do.

A little room for Improvement  

The culture of fandom is a newer aspect of American culture. With Geek culture becoming more mainstream, the culture of fandom is taking off.

The Culture of Fandom