Best Practices for Renewing Your Passport

How to renew your passport hasn’t been a subject at the top of the list of things to know in the last couple of years.

The pandemic has put a damper on travel with many regulations, different forms to fill out, and the possibility of being stuck in a country.

According to the U.S. government, a few things will make you eligible to have your passport renewed.

Eligibility for Renewal of Your Passport:

Most international destinations would like you to have a valid passport for six months after the end of your trip.

When Should You Renew Your Passport?

That is going to cost a bit more. The fee will be $60 to have the passport process expedited. It will then take between 5-7 weeks to have it done.

Expediting Your Passport Renewal

If you have gotten a renewed sense of seeing the world since being trapped inside of your homes for this pandemic, then it is an excellent time to renew that passport.

Having a passport opens the door to seeing so much of the world and experiencing new things like food, culture, and people’s lives.