Big Financial Moves You Can Make Today!

The Best Time to Start

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  — Popular Chinese Proverb 

What Can I do Right Now?

There are a few financial moves that you can make today that will save you tomorrow. Here's how you can start improving your financial life starting today!

Rainy Day Fund

Always be putting money aside for a rainy day. This is also known as an emergency fund. Here are some tips    ------------------------------------------->

Start your rainy day fund

- Create a new account - Put a little bit of money in each pay check - Increase the amount when you get raises - Don't touch unless there's an emergency!

Rainy Day Fund

Follow these steps, and before long, you'll be able to weather most emergencies without relying on credit!

Get the Right Insurance

You never know when something can happen to you, your personal belongings, or your home. Make sure your assets are protected from accidents and emergencies. 

Save Money on Insurance

-Shop around and get quotes from various agents - Bundle your policies -Customize your insurance to get the plan that works for you

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